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Why do we have two different series of Nubiance Moroccan Royal Oil?

We want all individuals to be included in our product line and find a quality product tailored to their particular hair type. From the thin, fine to more curly, coarse and afro. The ingredients must be mixed in different ways depending on hair type and quality.

Silky series (Turquoise) - ideal for those with a fine, thin and / or chemically treated hair.

Mixed curls series (brown) - suitable for those who have curly, coarse, afro, dry, damaged or chemically treated hair.

Key ingredients Argan Oil (Moroccan Royal Oil), keratin and goji berries are included in all products, which is a hair sensation and unique in the industry!


This amazing formula with argan oil gives your hair a long lasting silky feeling. The conditioner makes it easy to comb through the hair without struggling and makes the hair feel naturally soft.

Treatment - Treat Me Right

Treat me right is a luxurious Argan oil treatment that takes your tired, dry hair to a spa trip and repairs and protects the hair without weighting it down. The treatment repairs and moistures the hair which leaves it shiny and healthy- looking.

Leave in for 3-5 minutes, then rinse hair thoroughly.

Oil (No Silicone)

This revolutionary Argan oil (Moroccan Royal Oil) gives an outstanding effect on dry, curly, afro and chemically straightened hair. It repairs, nourishes and adds shine in depth in an instants. 10 properties in a single product. It provides long-lasting effect that repairs, strengthens and gives protection to inner and outer hair layers . It defines and strengthens frizzy curls! Contains UV and thermal protection.

Oil - Moroccan Royal Oil

This revolutionary Argan oil (Moroccan Royal Oil) has a formula that does not weighing down the hair. It suits those who have a fine, thin and / or chemically treated hair. It repairs, moisturizes, preserves color and strengthens a color damaged and tired hair. This product nourishes and adds shine in an instants, 10 properties in a single product. It provides long-lasting power with a fast visible results! Contains UV and thermal protection.

Shampoo - Clean Me

Professionally formulated Deep Cleansing Shampoo with refreshing peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and panthenol. Cleanses hair from soil, fat and styling products.

Shampoo - Moisture Kick

This exclusive sulfate-free shampoo is ideal for dry, curly and chemically processed hair. Luxurious sulfate and paraben free formula with argan oil, balances the moisture for manageability and shine to dry hair.

Shampoo - Frizz Free

The exclusive active ingredients provide a rich and warm lather while acting gently cleansing the hair. With ingredients that moisturize, condition and protect the hair.

Argan oil and goji berry conditions and moisturizes your hair while Keratin sunflower oil and UV filters repair and preserve color.

The shampoo is mildly scented with a natural aroma of tropical fruits.

The argan tree is adapted to dry climates and has deep roots to reach water deep in the ground. The tree is threatened and grows only in southwestern Morocco bordering the Sahara desert. The tree has been on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1999. Fruits ripen in July/August and fall naturally to the ground.


Argan fruits are collected and shells smashed with a rock. Inside the shell is the fruit consisting of pulp and three cores. The flesh is used as animal feed and seeds for the oil. The seeds are roasted first over a fire. Roasting gives the oil the nutty flavour and aroma. After roasting, the seeds are ground into the golden oil.

Argan oil is a yellow vegetable oil made of argan fruit's seeds. The use of argan oil is mentioned as early as 1219 by the Egyptians. The oil was thought to have medical benefits, and today there are studies that show that it has many positive effects. For example, as a preventive measure against cardiovascular disease. It is also a light oil suitable for the lubrication of the skin.


Argan oil, also known as the Royal Moroccan Oil, has been known for centuries among the Berber people of Morocco for its cosmetic, medicinal and nutritional properties. Scientific studies have shown that this oil, rich in high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, Linoleic acid and vitamin E, can stimulate important cell functions. Nubiance Moroccan Royal Oil is nourishing and moisturizing for each hair strand, from tip to root.

Argan oil is one of the oils which are richest in unsaturated fatty acids. These act as a barrier against evaporation which occurs daily due to Trans-epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), which causes the hair to retain moisture and remain hydrated and soft. Argan oil is produced by a women's cooperative in Essaouira in southern Morocco, and was formed to help women in distress.


Nubiance Royal Moroccan Oil brand is developed and produced by a woman who was born and raised in Morocco. With its Berber descent became argan oil early part of everyday life. During childhood, her own hair been cared for with home-pressed argan oil of its Moroccan grandmother. The day started with getting argan oil in her hair and be combed and braided, so she learned early in life the importance of hair care and using the right hair products. Her berber heritage of essential oils and the importance of hair care rituals have since followed her into a career as a hair stylist.


Together with a team of international hair stylists she produces a hair care series based on the best raw materials and with genuine argan oil from their homeland. Through multiple professional hårstylisters accumulated experience over many years, we have seen a need for a quality product that is eco-conscious lifestyle and inspiring. The desire for a product that nourishes and meets the needs of all ethnic hair is big in the world.


Nubiance Royal Moroccan Oil is a brand produced and developed in Sweden and Morocco.


The colors and shapes of the products reflects the Berber and Moroccan heritage flowing in her veins. The gold on the bottles characterize real name argan oil in Morocco - Golden Oil.


We have made a choice, have you?

Nubiance Moroccan Royal Oil is a precious and rare oil. Thanks to the dedicated and laborious manual extraction process, 40 kg of fruit from the argania spinosa tree yields roughly 1 liter of argan oil.  Argan oil is renowned for its concentration and long lasting effects.


Nubiance Moroccan Royal Oil is a simple, elegant and efficient product line that satisfies all the needs of women and men around the world to maintain their beauty of hair.   Using Bio Certified argan oil, Nubiance Moroccan Royal Oil provides a line of products and solutions for every hair type.


Argan oil used in Nubiance Moroccan Royal Oil is one of the richest unsaturated fatty acid oils. These act as a barrier against evaporation that occurs on a daily basis during the Trans-epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), and causes the hair to retain moisture and remain hydrated and soft.


Argan oil's moisturizing and nourishing effects are scientifically proven and well documented since the early Egyptian era.


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The gold

Gives an incredible shine instantly

Adds volume to fine hair

Makes hair extremely easy to handle

Protects hair from UV damage and external influences

Provides fantastic softness

Halves drying and styling time

Repairs damaged hair

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"Nubiance Moroccan Royal Oil is a beauty treatment for all types of hair!"

The benefits of using Moroccan Royal Oil:

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